8th International Cradle to Cradle Congress

September 8th & 9th

Technische Universität Berlin


Special Track:

Mobility & logistics


Special Track:

Mobility & logistics

The C2C Congress is back!

On September 8th & 9th in Berlin

The world’s first and largest platform for Cradle to Cradle and Circular Economy since 2014 is back! For the eighth time, we invite around 1,000 participants to exchange and network at the International Cradle to Cradle Congress 2023 in September: panel discussions with high-ranking speakers from business, politics and science, best practices from established companies and start-ups, inspiring keynotes on the transformation of our society as well as numerous opportunities for networking.

The C2C Congress since 2014







keynotes, best practices, discussions
keynotes, best practices, discussions

Two full days of Cradle to Cradle

Through keynote speeches, discussion panels, and best practice presentations, we will explore Cradle to Cradle from a variety of perspectives across various sectors and social areas, including public life, education, culture, and business.
The program reflects the fact that C2C is relevant to everyone, and will include federal politicians, top managers, scientists, and representatives from civil society organizations sharing their insights on stage.

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Mobility & logistics


We will have a special track dedicated to Mobility and Logistics. This track will address the question of how sustainable mobility of people and goods should be designed, and will explore existing approaches. Topics covered will include battery recycling, circular public transportation, and cradle cars, among others. We will take a closer look at these ideas to provide answers to this critical issue.


Become part of the worldwide
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Place yourself in our network of 1,000 participants and over 70 top-class speakers from politics, business and society.

Contact person:
Sophie Treu

Senior Consultant Strategic Partnerships

Monday - Friday

10:00 am - 3:00 pm

Héloïse Le Masne

Héloïse Le Masne is the Director of Operations at Impact Hub Berlin. After a few years working in the corporate world, Héloïse brought her business perspective into an impact startup where she led customer management and business development. In 2018, Le Masne joined Impact Hub Berlin where she managed programmes such as investor circles and incubators before joining the leadership team, now leading a team of 35 changemakers in the largest space dedicated to impact entrepreneurship in Europe. Le Masne is a German-French Young Leader 2020 and co-initiator of WirVsVirus, a 25 000+ participants hackathon for Covid-19 solutions.

Verena Müller

Verena Müller has been head of sustainable residential and commercial real estate at GLS Bank since the beginning of 2023. She has held various positions at GLS Bank since 2009. With the establishment of the Competence Centre Sustainable Real Estate in October 2021 Müller has been focusing on the Cradle to Cradle principle in the construction and renovation of real estate.

Dr. Anne Lamp

Anne Lamp is co-founder and managing director of the Hamburg-based bioeconomy start-up Traceless Materials. The company produces a holistic sustainable material alternative to plastics and bioplastics that is made from food production residues and is fully degradable in nature. Lamp holds a PhD in process engineering and has experience in commercial product development and process scaling. She is also an expert in life-cycle assessments and Cradle to Cradle.

Alexander Maak

Alexander Maak has been Managing Director of Interzero Circular Solutions Germany since 2021, where he is building up and expanding new business units around the circular economy. Previously, he was Head of Business Development at Interzero. Maak has international work experience from the shipping and plastics industries. He has held positions including CEO of Maak Line, Commercial Director Europe of the Australian corporate Brambels/Chep and Chief Sales Officer of plastics recycler Capka. Maak holds a master’s degree in marketing and finance from the University of Wales, Cardiff.

Biografie Tim Janßen

Tim Janßen is co-founder and executive director of Cradle to Cradle NGO. With C2C NGO, he has been driving the anchoring of the Cradle to Cradle school of thought and design concept in business and politics since 2012 and implements C2C lighthouse projects such as the C2C LAB in Berlin. He has been a sought-after expert on C2C innovation, circular business models, and green entrepreneurship for about 10 years and speaks about it at events, as a guest commentator and interlocutor in print media and digital formats, and with policy makers. Janßen also teaches at various German universities.

Biografie Nora Sophie Griefahn

Nora Sophie Griefahn is co-founder and managing director of Cradle to Cradle NGO. For more than ten years, the environmental scientist has been a sought-after expert on C2C, the sustainable use of finite resources, and the need for materially healthy and recyclable products at political and economic podiums and events as well as in the media. With C2C NGO, she is driving forward a rethink in science, politics, education and society that aims for more than just climate neutrality. Griefahn also holds teaching positions at various German universities.

Biography Klara Geywitz

Klara Geywitz has been Federal Minister for Housing, Urban Development and Construction since 2021. She has also been deputy SPD party leader since 2019 and a member of the SPD party executive committee since 2017. From 1998 to 2013, Geywitz was a member of the Potsdam city council, and from 2004 to 2019 a member of the Brandenburg state parliament. From August 2020 to December 2021, she worked as an audit area manager at the Brandenburg State Audit Office. Geywitz studied political science at the University of Potsdam.

Photo: Bundesregierung/Jesco Denzel


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